We can arrange total funding packages to facilitate the development of property and build true value for the future. Over the past 5 years, BCP has arranged funding packages totalling over $500 million to assist our property development clients.

Your optimal financing solution can be structured as a mix of Senior Debt, Mezzanine Loans and Equity.

Senior Debt Facilities

We can arrange Senior Debt Facilities for up to 75% of the total development costs. Most lenders usually cap their construction loan facilities at 65% of valuation at the completion of construction. A cost-effective loan facility can be arranged to ensure that it provides sufficient flexibility to allow completion of the development.

Mezzanine Loan Facilities

At BCP we have arranged Fully Subordinated Mezzanine Loan facilities for up to 85% of total development costs; to enhance the capital structure of some selected developments. Should the development meet the funding parameters, we can arrange Mezzanine Loans to complement the Senior Debt Facilities arranged through us.

Equity Commitment

BCP and the senior lender will require that at least 15% of total development costs be contributed in the form of equity. BCP can arrange an equity partner or an equity syndicate to invest in selected projects that meet its criteria.

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