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16 February , 2020

Home Loan and Debt Consolidation to help manage through life’s ups and downs.

A change in relationship status can impact nearly every aspect of your life. It can affect how you feel, where you live, and most notably, how you manage your finances to see you through the next chapter in your life.

Very often, a change in your relationship status can catch you by surprise; you fall in love, move in together, get married, you may separate or divorce, or tragically, a loved one passes away. Regardless of why your relationship has changed, these emotionally consuming events raise the same questions about your finances: How do I pay off my debts? How much can I borrow? How do I best structure my home loan? Where will I be living in 12 months’ time? But more importantly, who can help me answer these questions?

That’s where Nina comes in.

As a highly regarded Senior Executive at BCP Finance, Nina does way more than just structuring and managing home loans; she offers personalised advice and support to anyone facing a change in relationship status.  As a member of The Equality Network, Nina is also passionate about assisting relationships within the LGBTIQ+ community, offering understanding and guidance through emotional times to all people, whatever their circumstance may be.

With more than 40 years in the industry, Nina is best noted for her skills in helping clients through the sensitive financial processes of separation, divorce or marital bereavement. Regardless of the complexities of your situation, if there is a loan or finance structure to best meet your needs, she’ll find it and make it happen.

While the rate of separation is declining nation-wide, recent statistics suggest 1 in 3 Australian heterosexual marriages will still end in divorce.* And, while a divorce isn’t something couples hope to ever encounter in their marriage, the reality is, it happens, and to a lot of us, so education and preparation are key if the need ever arises.

Whether your relationship changes are planned or not, there are five key things you should do right away to prepare for the changes ahead:

1. Gather Support
Whether it be a family member, friend or even professional help, having a strong network around you will provide the additional support you need to keep a clear mind throughout this emotional time.

2. Privacy Protection
Ensure to change all passwords to any accounts holding personal or sensitive information and keep them protected.  i.e. phones, computers and bank accounts.

3. Review your financial situation
– Discuss your financial situation with your bank, including:

– Attaining dual signatories on all accounts

– Opening a new account(s) in your name

– Enforcing additional security measures to protect current accounts

4. Gather all important documentation
Locate and secure all important financial documents and statements, health insurance information, asset documentation, birth certificates, passports etc.

5. Contact Centrelink
Notify Centrelink of your change in relationship status as you may qualify for Government support and benefits.

If your relationship status is changing or has recently changed and you need financial advice without judgement, contact BCP Finance on 03 9347 4154. Or, if you wish to contact Nina directly, call 0412 892 899.

*Statistics based on information provided by

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