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23 March , 2020

Please call BCP Finance first if your business or personal finances are directly affected by COVID 19.

We are asking every one of our BCP Finance customers, directly impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak to call us as the first point of contact. Or, if you prefer, you can use our website’s Live Chat function, which will give you instant and confidential online access to a BCP Finance specialist.

Regardless of whether you are a home loan or business customer, as your appointed finance originator we can work with Financial Institutions to ensure you are provided with the best course of action. We are here to help navigate you through the risks and opportunities of this current Coronavirus outbreak.

We expect that bank and lender call centres will be overwhelmed with concerned customer enquiries over the coming days and weeks. As such, we are encouraging you to contact us should you require any direction in relation to the range of support mechanisms available to you via the Finance market.

“As with the Global Financial Crisis, we are facing an unpredictable market. However, experience reassures us that practical financial advice and support is what our customers need to see them through the best and worst of circumstances.” Brett Hartwig, BCP Finance’s Chief Executive Officer.

Please be assured that BCP Finance is monitoring the situation day by day, hour by hour. What we do is always the same, even during uncertain times, such as a pandemic or crisis: BCP Finance looks at your individual circumstances and communicates with a variety of lenders, to best meet your short and long term financial needs.

Please feel free to contact us now to discuss your circumstances and to find out what financial options and are available to you.

Together apart, we’re here for you.

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